Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Curricular History



  • Walter Miranda was born in Sao Paulo, in April 12, 1954, and has been working as plastic artist since 1976.
  • Performed 22 solo art exhibitions and has been participated of 110 group art exhibitions. .
  • Has been participated of of 55 Salons of art (where was awarded 21 times) and has received 2 homages due his professional work.
  • Member of ABCA the Brazilian Association of Crítics of Art
  • Has works represented represented in museums and cultural institutions, private and corporative collections in  Brazil, Latin America and USA.
  • Is member of ABCA the Brazilian Association of Critics of Art.
  • Has been teaching art history, color theory, painting, drawing, watercolor, pastel, ink and human figure at Atelie  Oficina FWM de Artes since 1996.
  • Works as graphic designer, creating logos and packing for several companies, making desktop plublishing, creating advertising pamplhlets, folders, etc.
  • Has been acting as jury member in many Salons of Art since 1987.
  • Has been updating his knowledgements through own studies and researches in museums of Europe, Latin America and USA.
  • Has been given lectures and teaching workshops on Art History, Color Theory at schools of art, cultural institutions, artist’s associations, colleges and universities since 1983.
  • Was the elected two times as the president of APAP-SP Professional Sao Paulo Association of Plastic Artists (2013-215 and 2016-2018).
  • Was one of the three Curators of the project “Art Brazil Week” 2016/17 – Sao Paulo, Santos and Caraguatatuba.
  • Was the Curator of the final Art Exhibition of the “Sao Paulo Cultural Map” at Marta Traba Gallery of the Latin America Memorial – Sao Paulo - 2016.
  • Was the Coordinator of visual arts to the “Sao Paulo Cultural Map” 2015/16 edition of the Sao Paulo State Commission for the Plastic Arts.
  • Was Cultural and Technical Coordinator of the Project "Sculpture Workshop" in the city of Rio Grande / RS - 2013.
  • Was the curator in the art exhibition "Outsider" of the artist Thiago Deluqui - Office of Art Augusta 664 - 2004.
  • Was drawing and painting teacher in the Oficina Paulista de Artes - 1997.
  • Published in Artempo (a cultural newspaper) the article "The Durability of the Work  of Art" - Sep/1997.
  • Participated of the World Congress on the Artist's Condition - UNESCO - Paris - 1997.
  • Was teacher of drawing, watercolor, pastel, ink and human figure in Liceu de Artes e Ofícios de São Paulo  -  1986/95.
  • Participated at the Continetal Congress of Plastic Artists "America United by Art" - Panama" - 1993.
  • Was the curator in the art exhibition "Visions" of Leila Luli - Culture Department of Santo Andre - 1993.
  • Painted a mural (48in x 96in) for the Regional Museum of Costa Rican Art - 1992.
  • Was member of the Sao Paulo State Commission for the Plastic Arts - 1988/92.
  • Was the executive secretary of the Latin American Regional Committee for IAA - 1991.
  • Painted a mural (99in x 99in) for the College of Fine Arts of La Paz - Bolivia - 1991.
  • Participated at the 1st Regional Meetingof Latin America - IAA/UNESCO - La Paz - Bolivia - April/1991.
  • Published in D.O Leitura (a cultural newspaper) the article "Professionalism and Plastic Artist" - 1991.
  • Was the president of Brazilian Regional Commitee for IAA-International Association of Art/UNESCO - 1989/91.
  • Participated of the IAA's Congress on "The Condition of Life of the Artist" -  IAA/UNESCO - Leon -  Spain -  Jun/1989.
  • Participated at the 12th IAA's Assembly - Madrid - Spain - 1989 * Was the president founder of SINAPESP - The State of Sao Paulo Artist's' Syndicate - 1989/91.
  • Published in the D.O. (a cultural newspaper) Leitura the Article "Criticizing the Critic" - 1987.
  • Was the president of the State of Sao Paulo Artist's Pre-Syndical Association - 1986/88.
  • Was drawing teacher at WM Atelier of Art - 1984/85.
  • Worked as freelancer illustrator" for various publishers - 1976/81


Walter Miranda
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