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Pari Passu Evolution

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Evolution Pari Passu

A personal analysis about many philosophical questions led me to a reflection on the human condition throughout the ages and culminated in the creation of the series of works called Evolution Pari Passu, in which four works represent the evolution of our technological domain (during Prehistory, Antiquity, Modern Age and Contemporary Age), compared with the movement of continents over millions of years.


The first work represents the beginning of the human path on the planet through footprints left during the collecting phase; cave paintings that refer to the hunter phase; the observation of nature through the observation of the elliptical geometric shape and the primal conception of the existence of the Sun and the Moon as part of their habitat. The continents are united into a supercontinent known as Pangea.


The second work represents the spatial occupation of the planet; the invention of writing; the learning of mathematics; the association of natural phenomena with superstitions and their subsequent logical understanding; mastering agricultural, architectural and material techniques; the beginning of the field of electronics. The continents are a little far apart.


The third work represents the current moment in which humanity finds itself, with technological mastery being correlated with the risk of environmental and atomic hecatombs. The continents are displayed in the current position.


The fourth work represents a distant future in which the continents will be united again in a hypothetical supercontinent called Novopangeia, Neo Pangea, Proximal Pangea or Last Pangea, and most of the records of our civilization will be erased, leaving few traces of the human presence represented by the silhouettes of feet and a hand.



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