Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Synopsis of Artistic Production

1977/80 – Paints works about the social condition of the Brazilian people and the violence of the military dictatorship.

1980/82 – Paints in cardboard made by himself, a series of works named “SOCIAL TRANSPOSITIONS”, approaching the contemporary problems of brazilian society, using children as main element.

1982 – Paints three works about the war in the Falklands/Malvinas islandsusing wood, peel of lemon and glasses.

1983 – Paints several works of the Soccer World Cup using different materials as, string, sawdust and collage on cardboard made by himself.

1984 – Paints the series of works named “1984 - GEORGE ORWELL’s STIGMA”, making analogies between the book of the same name and the reality of the perversion of the power in the contemporary societies. – Paints a mural (2,5m x 5,3m) demanding direct elections in Brazil. The panel had a space reserved for the public's manifestations which was filled out very quickly.

1981/84 – Idealizes and co-organizes the “BEETHOVEN PROJECT” which consists in three individualized interpretations (by himself, a sculptorand a painter) of each one of Beethoven's nine symphonies, more three works based on the experience obtained in the execution of the nine previous works.

1985 – Paints the works of the “BEETHOVEN PROJECT”.

1986 – Paints three works approaching the social problems in Ethiopia.

1986/06 – Paints the series “BRAVE NEW WORLD”, where approaches the subtle control of the individual (in opposition to the evident control approached in the series “1984”) and the incoherence of the unstructured technological development.

1989 – Paints works approaching the violence of the brazilian army against the workers in strike in Volta Redonda, the violence in the Amazonia concerning Chico's Mendes deathand the military violence happened at Tien Anmen square, in China.

1991 – Paints a mural (1,2m X 2,5m) named “ILLIMANI” for University of Plastic arts of La Paz, Bolivia.

1992 – Paints a mural (1,2m X 2,4m) named “FOR NOT SAYING THAT I DID NOT SPEAK ABOUT COSTA RICA”, for the Regional museum of Costa Rican Art.

1995 – Continues painting the series “BRAVE NEW WORLD” approaching the environmental problems of the world caused by the unruled technological development. In the first phase of this series, was used oil + objects on cardboard made by himself, and now, it has been used acrylic lacquer + objects on perforated iron plate and oil on wood besides digitized images which are manipulated in computer.

1996 – Paints the series of works “SEATTLE PROJECT - Exaltation to Gaia” in which he intensifies the use of colors and the research of new materials, textures and digitized images giving more vitality to the theme that approaches the social, philosophical and world environmental problems. This series is based on the North American Indian Seattle who answered the US president Franklin Pierce’s proposal to buy the indians’ land.

1998 – Paints the series of works “BRAVE NEW MIDDLE AGE” (doing pun with the series Brave New World), where he develops reflections and analogies between the current era and the Middle Age, comparing the life quality of the two times.

1999 – Begins the series “BRAVE NEW MILLENNIUM” also relative to philosophical, scientific, environmental, religious, mystics subjects, etc., regarding the human situation near of a new millennium. Combines the use of graphic computation with the traditional technique of the oil painting allied to the incorporation of objects that represent the current technological moment (computers boards, diskettes etc.), natural elements (leaves and seeds of plants etc) and daily objects (jewels, stamps etc.), besides the use of digitized images, created and modified in computer.

2000 – Giving continuity to the series ‘Brave New Millennium”, starts creating virtual paintings, just using the resources of the graphic computation, although including the same theme of the series.

2001/06 – Continues the development of the series Brave New Millenium (revisited)using children as theme. – Begins to create works using computer boards as the own artistic support, changing the electronics components places and putting the same objects used in the anterior series. – Continues the creation of virtual works. These electronic works are virtual painting completely created in computer, but with the same appearance of the real works of art painted for the series “The Brave New World, Brave New Middle Age and Brave New Millennium”. The virtual works are showed as Giclee and has the intention to provoke the spectator to define which images represent the hand painted works and which one were created in computers. The answer is in another room of the art exhibition, where the real works exhibited. – Begins to create works of art that are objects (books, notebook, globes, air planes etc.), using computer boards sawed, refined, polished and reassembled.

2007/10 – Begins the series "The Stigma of Chief Seattle - Requiem for Gaia", creating works of circular format or of projections of the map mundi and using several types of scraps (burned matches, computer plates, chips, sand, copper scraps, peels of pointed pencil, etc.). In this series the theme is the planetary pollution caused by the human kind.

Walter Miranda
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