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Social Transposition

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Social Transpositions

Everything that human beings do has a social function. However, within Art, I believe that at the very moment of creation, the work must have a social concern. The function will be the consequence. Therefore, in the series of oils that I developed and presented in 1981, I decided to address the socioeconomic differences that are representative of Brazilian society.


The initial idea was to present a scenario that presented “both sides of the same coin”. However, it would be pointless to use conventional situations, as the idea would not achieve the intended impact. That way, after some studies, I came to Social Transpositions.


I used the child as the main element due to its non-misrepresentation of concepts, which expresses for me, a rest of hope in our society. In all works, both rich and poor children look healthy to exactly reinforce the impression of purity, despite the social and conceptual oppression imposed by us adults.


For this reason, the paintings are presented in pairs with children in identical positions, but in opposite social conditions, in order to show human equality in natural terms and social injustice in human terms.


Walter Miranda             April/1981


Walter Miranda, at Center of Arts Shopping News

 Numerous exhibitions rock the week.



Among the inaugurations, highlight to the exhibitions of Walter Miranda at Center of Arts Shopping News. Walter Miranda, at the Center of Arts Shopping News, opens the inaugurations of a busy week.


Tomorrow at 8:30 pm he exhibits 24 works in oil on canvas and cardboard, all using children as the main element. For me, the child represents a rest of hope in our society, explains Walter.


Social Transpositions” is the title of the artist's first individual.



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