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Since the 1980s, the ecological theme has been constant in my artistic production, in the same way as the incorporation of computer boards and other accessories of our technological everyday.

 The series of works called "SKYLINE" presents urban landscapes with several skies painted in oil on canvas and inspired by the skies of Velásquez and Turner.

The representation of the buildings of the cities was obtained by the incorporation of circuits boards of cell telephones. Thus, the reuse of electronic waste discarded by contemporary society and incorporated into the traditional technique of oil painting reinforces the ecological concept of sustainability.

The joint use of two apparently antagonistic factors (tradition and contemporaneity) raises the challenge of obtaining a visual harmonization during the process of execution of each work.

When completed, each work arouses in the spectator admiration for the aesthetic result and philosophical reflections on the pollution of the environment and the consequent decline in the quality of life of man on the planet.

The objective is for the observer to draw his or her own conclusions on the topic addressed through a subjective language. The result is complicity or denial, it does not matter, because both form a kind of involvement that go back to the essence of what I try to convey.



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