Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Beethoven Project by Gia - Roberto Giannecchini


My work on the symphonies was done starting from suggestions supplied by the musical material, selected by the sensitive and "filtered" by the rational. The result, maybe questionable, it is there. However it is worth to highlight as more important the creative process, since it brought to the surface mental and sensitive mechanisms that I ignored. The continuous and disciplined work on a theme can bring consequences other than the expected ones; for example, an intimate suspicion: - if the music was determinant of a result, or na alibi to liberate other things, or though, a catalyst. From this pont of view the music of Beto was magnificent Art; vivifying and creator of "derived Art" through other artists.  - Here is the multiplication of the breads. So, I am thankful to the situation that brought my own interior enrichment opening new roads and mysteries.  In the technique concerns, the works were made in way completely handcraft, included the project and the accomplishment of the mechanisms. The used material is almost exclusively aluminum matted with micro glass spheres. This obeys my natural sympathy for the aluminum, that in spite of not being very resistant, due its lightness, it allows liberated structures. In the same way it is explained the screwed assembly and the use of some scrap piece. (Beethoven used similar processes as in the case of the "Ode to Joy" by Schiller that, only after a long time he used as part of the ninth symphony).  When during the process some work took own configurations independent of my intentions, I insisted on respecting them. So, the movement of the bird of thePastoral "asked" (as a friend make me notice) a solution using the mechanical resonance, which was accepted and accomplished. Gracias, Armano.  I would like also to thank my companions of the group, my friends and  MARILENA for the incentive and for the patience.  And to master Beethoven... forgive me. 1985 Gia 

Walter Miranda
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