Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

It begins the First Collective Exhibition of the III New Artistic Show

The Newspaper Shopping News - February 8, 1981



A good sample of the art being produced in the Post-70 world can be seen starting this Tuesday at the Center of Arts Shopping News. The first group of new artists, selected for the III New Artistic Show - Promoted with the objective of revealing talents in plastic arts, assuring them a space - starts a period of fifteen days of exhibition with paintings, drawings, collage and sculpture. In addition, there are also the paintings by Walter Luiz Lopes de Miranda, one of the three awarded by the jury with individual exhibition, for the quality of his work.                                                  


                       207 were enrolled, of the most varied ages and professions. There are those who are only 17 and over 60. There are housewives, students, retirees and professionals. But there is mainly at the III New Artistic Show, promoted by the Center of Arts Shopping News, a portrait of the mix of trends and styles that has characterized plastic arts around the world since the early 1970s. Paulo Klein, one of the responsible art critics due to the selection of works, alongside Olney Kruse and Alberto Beuttenmuller, he guarantees that the set of works chosen to participate in the III Show reflects well this period of confusion currently experienced by the visual arts.


- Since the hyper-realism of the late 60s, a style that incorporates the experiences of the classics, to the freedom of pop-art, plastic artists from all over the world seem exhausted and dissatisfied. We are constantly trying to discover new languages, create styles that are more faithful to today, more contemporary. There are the photocopy, the postal art, the art of interference - the one that leaves the galleries to meet the public, in the streets. And the Shopping News salon received all that kind of trends. - So the First step for the selection of the III Show, according to him, was to choose the works with better finish and significant professional level.


Of the 207 registrants left, 52 were divided into two collective exhibitions. The first, open to the public on Tuesday, brings together 24 artists, including the painter Walter Luiz Lopes de Miranda, awarded by the jury with a solo exhibition, to be held during this year. -





The designer Alfredo Aquino and Adriano Soares da Costa, specialized in collage, deserved individual exhibitions. And like Walter's, they will still happen in 1981. For now, however, Alfredo and Adriano will participate in the second collective, scheduled for the period from 10 to 25 March. In the first group will be the various styles of painting, drawing, collage and a sculpture, signed by Ana Cláudia Torralvo - the newest artist at 17 years old - Antonio Carlos Miceli, Antonio jacome carvalho, Camilo Eduardo Tavares, Carlos Alberto Fusaro, Cláudio Aparecido Solano, Clóvis Gomes Moreira, Diola Sotelo, Elizabeth Mendes, Érica Wagner Ribeiro, Fanny Gueller, Iara Iasue Isii, José Geraldo Vieira da Costa, Maria de Fátima Magalhães Ferreira, Milton Ananias de Matos, Nelson Leoh, Ney Renato dos Santos, Noeme Souza Guimarães, Rafaelo Papescu, Raymundo Rodrigues, Sara Palma Perissinotto, Walkiria Suleiman , Walter Luiz Lopes de Miranda and Wilson Crespo Dupont. The exhibition can be seen until the 25th, during business hours, at 159. Martins Fontes St.

Walter Miranda
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