Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Santo André holds its 5th Young Salon of Art

Arte/Crítica por Enock Sacramento
Newspaper Diário do Grande ABC  -    Art  -   by the Critic Enock Sacramento   -   September 26, 1982.



The presence of three Andean artists among the five winners of the V Young Salon of Contemporary Art of Santo André, opened to artists from all over the country, shows that things are changing in the artistic panorama of Grande ABC. New names are emerging in our artistic environment, some revealed by the Young Salon, created in 1978 by Miller de Paiva e Silva for exactly this purpose: to give opportunity to those who do not yet have access to the commercial art galleries of São Paulo.    

In the first young salon of the three winners, two were from the region: Ronaldo Bertaco, from Santo André, and Antonio Carlos de Almeida Mattos, from São Caetano.

At the II Salon, Luiz Antonio Boralli, from Mauá was one of the three artists awarded the City of Santo André award, of an acquisitive nature.

From the III Salon onwards, there were five prizes. Mattos was once again contemplated with one of them. In the IV, two prizes were awarded in the region to Renato Brancatelli, from São Caetano and Fátima Palerme, Nil and Paula Caetano, from Santo André who presented a magnificent group creation: Tubular Transitions, today in the City Hall collection.

Now in the V version of Young Salon, we have three more Santo André artists awarded: Fausto Ribeiro, Paula Caetano and Wilson de Oliveira Souza. Paula Caetano and Fátima Palerme, who are part of the Group form a Whole and Walter Miranda (this one from São Paulo, but with a great performance in the region), also received special mentions that, by mistake, were not included in the catalog.

The judging committee of the V Salão Jovem, made up of Ismael Assumpção, Antonio Zago and Jair Glass, selected only 95 works to appear in the show which, for this very reason, presents a good level in the group.


The award-winning works clearly show the jury's tendency to value the graphic. Fausto Ribeiro presents us with works done with pastel and colored pencils. Paula Caetano is present with three Intermezzos, with two colored pencils and a mixed technique, with references to musical themes. Wilson de Oliveira Souza has five works, three made in ink and ecoline and two objects.    In all of them, the concern to explore the plastic possibilities of the line and to create a sober and contemporary work.    However, the works with the greatest impact at the Salon are those that received mentions instead of awards:

The Art Object by Walter Miranda, and the experimental work by the Group form a Whole, made up by Fátima Palerme and Paula Caetano. Miranda entered three works of great creative force and absolutely current:  Argentinian Check, English Check, and Check mate, consisting of three chess boards with a map of the eastern and western Falklands / Falkland Islands. These islands are getting closer in sequence to finally occupy the internal area of ​​the chess in checkmate, in which the stones, previously represented by Argentine and English flags, painted on a spherical half, are replaced by glasses of red content identified as' Argentinian blood' and English blood', a sharp criticism of war conflicts.        

Xadrez B

The experimental work of Paula Caetano and Fátima Palerme has the same level of creativity, although with a completely different focus. This work of clear ritual sense has been modified by invited and interested people.

It is, therefore, an open work, which foresees the participation of the spectator. Friday it was modified by us, together with the architect Wilson Stanziani, from Santo André.    

The Youth Salon of Contemporary Art in Santo André has the flavor of spontaneous things and the strength of new sensibilities. It is already an important event in the artistic movement of Greater São Paulo. Be sure to see.

Walter Miranda
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