Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

At the Centro de Artes Shopping News, the turn of the new generation. 

Três pintores da nova safra, indicados pelo crítico de arte Olney Kruse, mostram suas tendências na exposição coletiva que o Centro de Artes Shopping News inaugura amanhã.

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Three painters of the new crop, appointed by art critic Olney Kruse, show their trends at the collective exhibition that the Center of Arts Shopping News opens tomorrow.         

They did not know each other before the critic and artist Olney Kruse indicated them for this collective, taking care to personally select the works that each one will exhibit. But besides being new painters, who daily experience the hardships of a market full of medallions, the three have a strong point in common: they chose painting as a means of expressing their time - they reinforce this condition, by definition themselves as documentarists of their time. And the view that each one has of the moment they lives is reflected in their paintings.         



1984 - O Estigma de George Orwell


Walter makes an analogy with the work of George Orwell, author of the book "1984", presenting robotic human figures, who walk through the central streets of São Paulo insensitive to the watchwords present in commercial stores. I want to show the inertia of the society that allows itself to be manipulated by those in power, as in the fiction of "Orwell", he argues.                                                            

IN THE FIGHT           


 Walter, in turn, says he has lost count of how many salons of art he participated in, since he has been sending works to everyone he can, since 1978, when he debuted at the 6th Young Art Salon in Santos. “The salon is great because it gives the artist a chance to show his work, he justifies. The first significant award he received, he says, was at the 3rd New Exhibition at the Center of Arts Shopping News, held in 1980, which opened the doors to his first individual exhibition at the Arts Center in 1981. In addition to this, he also speaks fondly of the City of Santo André award, won last April at the 11th Contemporary Salon of Art in that city.              


Lorenzetti, Cassiano and Walter will stay until the next 14th at the Center of Arts Shopping News. Their works can be seen from 9 am to 6 pm, from Monday to Friday, at 159, Martins Fontes St.

Walter Miranda
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