Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Manifest Direct Elecions Now - SP

Panel on rights in artistic exhibition
Folha de São Paulo Quarta-feira, 14 de março de 1984. Ilustrada



                Newspaper “Folha de São Paulo” - Wednesday, March 14, 1984 ILLUSTRATED  


                                               Panel on direct elections in artistic exhibition    


The 12th Contemporary Salon of Art of Santo André, to open on April 8, will have two panels at the entrance of the exhibition, where visitors will be able to express their opinion about the need for direct elections now, for the presidency of the republic. The author of the proposal, the artist Walter Miranda, from São Paulo, received special reference from the jury, made up of critics Ivo Zanini and Enock Sacramento, and by sculptor and designer Leon Ferrari.



Manifesto Diretas J


Sponsored by the local city hall, the Hall will bring together 236 of the 615 works sent, some from another state. The jury approved the work of 110 competitors, eliminating another 120 and considered the level of the participants to be reasonable. The acquisition prizes - worth CR $ 2.8 million - were awarded to Hans Grudzinski, Valdir Sarubbi, Martins de Porangaba, João Susuki, Victor reif, Percifal Tirapeli, Walter Miranda (with oils), Maria Beralda Altenfelder Santos, Neide Lazuri, Carlos Zambom, Dina Oliveira, Oswaldo Hernandez, Aderbal Moura, Mário Fiore, Alan Kardec Teixeira (from Goiás), Vera Berthe, Donato Vergel and Rogério C. Oliveira.



1984 - O Estigma de George Orwell VIII

Walter Miranda
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