Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Walter Miranda's Art: Portraying reality   

GAZZETE OF IPIRANGA     -     São Paulo, May 15, 1992



Human progress, the material comfort provided by technology, the control of the individual through subtle means. These are some of the themes addressed by the artist Walter Miranda in his paintings.

An unconventional art that can be seen at Espaço Cultural Faria Lima (Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2100, stores A and B) from 8 pm to 11 pm.      

Several works of 1991 painted by Walter Miranda will be presented in the exhibition Brave New World. They describe in a very critical way the experience of the painter with the homonymous work of the English writer Aldous Huxley. A book that discusses the inconsistencies of human development that, as a result of modernity, become apathetic, superficial beings and unable to solve the problems arising from this unstructured development.

Miranda says that: my biggest concern when creating is to portray facts that relate to our reality. I don't seek the dream, as many artists have done in the past. I just can't help expressing what I see, feel and think, even if that fact often turns into a social criticism.

In the making of his works Miranda uses little used techniques. On canvas or wood the painter creates images by juxtaposing computer pieces on oil painted background. His paintings are planned based on the golden ratio - a mathematical relationship observed in various creations of nature and widely used by ancient people. Through this method Miranda is able to relate all parts of the painting in a harmonious aspect.


Algemas Tecnol

I try to put symbolic elements in my work that are related to the viewer's reality. Some of the elements are repeated in several works to emphasize the message I am trying to convey. This forces people to examine the connections between all the cadres. My goal is to make each one draw their own conclusions about the images they are seeing.    

Walter Miranda is well known abroad. Many of his works are in collections in Europe and the United States. In June he will present the exhibition “Brave New World” at the Casa de Cultura Heredia San José - Costa Rica. The exhibition will remain open until the 29th.

Walter Miranda
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