Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Walter Miranda e Edílson Ferri expõem no Espaço V Centenário

Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo
September 4, 2004
Emanuel Von Lauenstein Massarani



The exhibition of works by artists Walter Miranda and Edílson Ferri at V Centenary Space - which opened on August 30 and would run until September 3 - will continue until September 11, in the mezzanine of the Monumental Hall of the Palácio 9 de Julho.    When analyzing the work of Walter Miranda, the critic Emanuel Von Lauenstein Massarani writes: “In their curious 'symbolism', some families of signs, objects, technological products and consumption of today's society are emphatically mixed, living together freely and emblematically with figures that reveal the daily concern of man. Linked to an emotion, an event, any fact, or, more simply, to a philosophical, religious, magical, or cabalistic idea, we find at the center of this universe - undoubtedly critical - the searching look of Walter Miranda, who always watches us, even when not present.


Janela da Sabedoria II


   Walter Miranda is also a professor of Fine Arts and has a studio in São Paulo. Edílson Ferri lives in São Paulo and has a studio in Santo André.


Emanuel Von Leuenstein Massarani

Walter Miranda
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