Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

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ART | Artist of the Month WALTER MIRANDA
By Flávia Venturoli
December 2009

Walter Miranda is an instigating artist who addresses philosophical and environmental issues in his works. His works are planned through constructivist compositions that follow the mathematical principles of the Golden Relationship, already explored by artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Giotto, Boticelli, Dali and others. In addition to using the traditional oil painting technique, Walter incorporates digitized images and various elements of our technological daily life, such as computer boards, chips, processors, etc. seeking to instigate the viewer's imagination and provoke philosophical reflections on the question of the inconsequent use of technology. He also makes use of elements of nature such as shells, seeds, leaves, flowers, earth, etc. with the intention of provoking reflections and pragmatic evaluations on the issue of the environment and man on the planet. Walter has a highly elaborated work, deep in his themes and full of messages that will be discovered by the appreciator through constant observation of the details that make up the biggest message which is his own work of art (writing).

The work on the Seattle indigenous chief, Seattle Project - Exaltation of Gaia 1996, is a very clear synthesis of an artistic career and a constant search for justice, for the coherence of attitudes. It is a vision that shows us humility before Mother Earth - Gaia, present in all the pictures in the series. Man is asked about the inconsistency of his unstructured development that created his disintegration with nature. Always worked in a clear and clean way, meticulously composed and rich in details, the theme is developed in each frame through the rational fractionation of rectangles with sub-themes. The use of the logarithmic spiral unites the sub-themes with their organic line in opposition to the mathematical rigidity of the golden rectangles. Innovating, as always, and updated with his time, Walter begins to insert digitalized images, created and worked with a great command of computer graphics in his works. In these works, he initiates the more intense use of colors and the research of textures, giving more vitality to the theme, which deals with world ecology, without ever losing the opportunity to question the human attitude towards social, ideological and technological problems, as well as to seek solutions for the return to global balance. Flávia Venturolli - Artist.

Walter Miranda
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