Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Walterian Uomo


Technique: graphic computation, digital art dimensões: 47,5 x 63,5 cm


 The memories that follow me and,

are puzzled with the present,

don’t leave me alone.

                                 I do not have a distressing loneliness

                                 of men without past,

                                 who cannot turn their face back. 

Follow with me an old intimacy

with the world and the people of human content,

I don't compromise with the hypocrisy and insensibility. 

                                 My road is long

                                 and my life is too suffered.

                                 but it has been being worthwhile due to its fullness and,

                                 among died and wounded, I always survive.

To live isn't necessary to possess, but is important to feel,

 and the stones on the road show that pain is a good teacher.

 The sunsets at the end of each day show that is necessary to dream

 and dreams bring with them the same breeze that the art brings

                                 To paint isn't necessary privileges,

                                 but some suffering and humility.

                                 And the painting has been helping myself

                                 to disguise the irremediable sorrow of perceiving.



Original: Elias Luiz  (1926-1985)        -      Adaptation: Walter Miranda




Walter Miranda
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