Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

With How Many Feet And Hands A City Is Built?


Title: With how many feet and hands can a city be built.

Author: Walter Miranda

Technique: Oil on Canson Montval paper

Dimensions: 110 cm X 75 cm

Year: Nov/2003


Work celebrating the 450th anniversary of the city of São Paulo, the largest city in South America.

This nocturnal urban landscape presents the profile of the city's buildings, built by the hands of the city's workers and residents.

I drew the outline of my hands and feet and carved these outlines in linoleum making small stamps, which I used to apply several coats of ink onto the paper.

Hands were used to represent the lighted windows of buildings, constructed by human hands.

The feet were used to represent a crowd of people, who come and go using their feet.

In the center of the work is the commemorative symbol of the city.


Walter Miranda - Dec/2004

Walter Miranda
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