Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Belic Chess - Checkmate


                                   ARGENTINIAN CHECK - ENGLISH CHECK - CHECK MATE



A military action with the simple aim of vainglorious purpose provokes an even more boastful military reaction.


As always, political/military concepts overcome humanitarian ones and, again, human lives are being irresponsibly gambled.


This is the summary of my nonconformity, with this kind of attitude, represented in this series that addresses the arrogance of a military dictatorship and a bellicose power. Both only concerned with hypocritical issues, one related to the government propaganda of a dictatorship and the other with the maintenance of international political status.

                                                              THE WORKS


ARGENTINE CHECK - On a chessboard, four Argentine helmets surround an English one, in a representation of the invasion of the Malvinas (Falklands) Islands by Argentina. The Malvinas are divided by the board, in order to show that during the dispute they have no "owner".


ENGLISH CHECK - On another chessboard, twelve English helmets surround the four Argentines, in a representation of the difference between the English naval fleet and the Argentine forces. Here too, the Malvinas map remains divided.


CHECKMATE - Malvinas are now in the center of the board, that is, they already have an owner. On the chessboard, 3 bottles labeled with Argentine blood and 3 bottles labeled with English blood represent the human lives wasted uselessly. In the center of the board, a seventh glass, empty and open, represents the ethical question that persists for the future: Will more blood flow?


                                                              WORKS COMPONENTS


 - Three chessboards (one for each board).


- Several halves of lemon peels, properly prepared to prevent them from rotting, the appearance of fungi, etc. These shells are painted with the flag of Argentina and England, representing soldiers' helmets similar to pieces in a chess game.


- Six sealed jars, containing red paint, represent containers with the blood of dead and wounded soldiers.


 Technique: oil on wood + objects  -     Dimensions: 50 x 35 cm


April/1982 - Walter Miranda

Walter Miranda
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