Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

The infinite universes of Giordano Bruno


Technique: Oil + objects on wood

Dimensions: 55 X 76cm

About the Infinity, the Universe and the Worlds, by Giordano Bruno

Excerpts from the text "About the Infinity, the Universe and the Worlds" by Giordano Bruno.




 Excerpts from the text "About the Infinity, the Universe and the Worlds" by Giordano Bruno


Sixth - A rectilinear movement is not suitable for the earth or other principal bodies, nor can it be natural to them, but it is of the parts of these bodies which move to them from the various and different places of space, if they are not far removed. Page 16


Ninth - It is established that bodies and their parts do not have a determined position above or below, except as the discussion develops here or there. Page 16


Page 18 = As we consider more deeply the being and the substance of that in which we are immutable, we will be aware that death does not exist not only for us but also for any substance, while nothing diminishes substantially, but everything, sliding through infinite space, changes appearance.


Page 19 - God is not glorified in one, but in innumerable suns; not in a land, in a world, but in a million, I mean in infinities.


Page 22 - Senses are only meant to explain reason, to take cognizance, to indicate and to give partial witness, not to testify about everything, neither to judge nor to condemn. Because never, even perfect, are they free from any disturbance. Therefore the truth, in a small part, springs from that weak principle which are the senses, but does not reside in them.


Page 27 - I consider the universe "all infinite" because it has no limit, no term, no surface; I say not to be the universe "totally infinite" because every part of it can be finite, and each of the innumerable worlds it contains is finite.


Page 34 - Therefore, since there is no flesh that is not vulnerable, so it is not a body what does not resist ..... In this way we say that there is an infinite, that is, an ethereal immense region, in which there are innumerable and infinite bodies, like the earth, the sun, and the moon, which are called by us of worlds composed of fullness and void: for this spirit, this air, this ether, is not only around these bodies, but still penetrates them and are innate in all things.


Page 50 = There are, therefore, innumerable suns, there are infinite earths, which move around those suns, as we perceive these seven to revolve around this sun that is our neighbor.


Page  50 = The reason is that we can see the suns which are the greatest, but rather great bodies, but we cannot perceive the earths, which, being much smaller bodies, are invisible; in the same way that you do not oppose reason to the existence of other earths, even if they move around this sun, and do not manifest to us, either because of the greater distance or because of the smaller volume; that because they do not have much water surface, or because they do not have such a surface facing us and opposite to the sun, by means of which, like a clear mirror that receives the solar rays, they become visible.   Page51 = But in any case, since the universe is infinite, it is necessary, after all, that there be more suns; for it is impossible for the warmth and light of a particular element to diffuse in the immensity, as Epicurus imagined, if it is true that the others count.   Page 52 - Around those can move earths much larger or smaller than our earth.   Page 53 - I affirm that the sun does not shine for the sun, the earth does not shine to the earth, no body shines in relation to itself, but each luminous body shines in the space around him. However, although the earth is a luminous body because of the rays of the sun that are incident on the crystalline surface, its light is not sensible to us, nor to those who are on this surface, but is perceived by those who are on the opposite side of the her.   Page 56 = From this we can conclude that innumerable stars are like other moons, so many terrestrial globes, and so many worlds similar to this, around which this earth seems to move, in the same way that they seem to move and rotate around this earth. Why, then, do we want to state that there is a difference between these bodies and those if we can see such fitness?


Page 62 = So that there is not one world, one earth, one sun; but the worlds are as many as the light bulbs we see around us, which are no longer in a sky, in a place and in a receptacle, than this our world where we live is in a receptacle, in a place in a sky.   Page 62 = …For it is impossible for a rational and a little attentive intelligence to imagine that they are deprived of similar or even better inhabitants or innumerable worlds, which manifest to us equal or better than ours; which are suns ....   Page 63 – From this diversity and opposition depend the organization, the symmetry, the complexion, the peace, the concord, the composition, the life.

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