Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Requiem for Gaia - Romantic Cartography



Title: Requiem for Gaia - Romantic Cartography

Technique: Oil + objects* on wood

Dimensions: 91 cm x 92 cm

Weight: 6 kg

Year: 2017

* Objects used: Sawing of computer boards, pieces of electronic components, guava seeds and straps to hold acupuncture needles.


This work is part of the series "Cartographies of de Gaia". It represents the world map according to one of the numerous cartographic projections that exist, in this case the projection of Bonne, or Bernardus Sylvanus.

In it, the oceans were embossed using sawdust from computer boards and painted with oil painting and the continents were filled with guava seeds. The Arctic and Antarctic areas were filled with straps used to hold acupuncture needles.


Walter Miranda
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