Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Requiem for Gaia – In Totum 8



Title: Requiem for Gaia – In Totum 8

Technique: oil + objects* on wood

Dimensions: 1,618 cm x 100 cm

Weight: 12 kg

Year 2017

* 30,000 Electronic diodes + 2,500 straps and 1,600 acupuncture needles + 500 electronic capacitors and 400 resistors.


This work is part of the series "Cartographies of Gaia". It represents the world map where the oceans were made with 2,600 straws for acupuncture needles and the continents with 30,000 electronic diodes, with Antarctica and the Arctic made up of 1,600 straps used to hold acupuncture needles.

In addition, the plastic floating islands that existed at some points in the oceans were represented at work. These islands were composed of 500 electronic capacitors and 400 resistors. In the Asia region was included a detail realistically painted with oil painting which presents the whole picture, creating a closed circle in which the picture is a detail of it and this detail is the whole picture.

Walter Miranda
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