Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Requiem for Gaia - In Totum 8



Title: Requiem for Gaia - In Totum 8

Technique: Oil + objects* on wood

* Objects used: Cut straws for acupuncture needles and computer boards.

Dimensions: 1.618 cm X 100 cm

Weight: 12 kg

Year: 2018


This work is part of the series "Cartographies of Gaia" and represents the world map filled with unusual objects and discarded by the current society. In it, one observes an urban landscape painted in oil with the sunset and the pollution produced by the great cities forming the terrestrial continents.

The entire work consisted of pieces of wood panels and small computer peripheral boards. In this way, the background of the work, visually trimmed, combines with the use of small computer boards.

Walter Miranda
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