Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Harbor book



Book made with three computer boards and the inclusion of several small objects and paintings, both alluding to the evolution of the harbor of the Santos city during the 500 years of human occupation.

On the first page is represented the prehistoric local landscape, alluding to fossils, seeds and insects, as well as human occupation through rock paintings (hand), mastery of fire, chipped stones, sambaquis and observation of the sky (southern cross and moon).

The second page shows the technological evolution of man through the collage of gears and edible seeds, as well as the rationalization of land use by mapping the city and placing its symbol on the entrance door, two elements that prove the sense of mastery of the environment and an intention of rational occupation.

The third page shows the current moment of the city and its harbor. The painted landscape shows not only the mapping, but the result of the urbanization of the city. There are also gears, as well as elements that represent the containers in a direct allusion to the harbor’s functional structure with its logo painted, just as the prehistoric hand painted on the first page. Both work as a signature of human occupation on the planet. As it should be, a ball represents football, which took the name of the city to every corner of the world.

Walter Miranda
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