Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Always Heroes



Technique: Oil + objects* on canvas on wood Dimensions: 161,8 cm X 100 cm Year: 2020


* Objects used: Electronic components, computer boards and PC monitor.




The picture represents the heroism of medical professionals during pandemics. At the top is a three-dimensional panel (painted with the oil painting technique) showing a doctor from the Middle Ages and contemporary doctors and nurses wearing protective clothing.

Next to them are two tracks with electronic elements taken from computers and representing the corona virus. At the center of the painting there are the silhouettes of three dancers (painted with oil paint) representing humanity in moments of recognition and fear, as well as the schematic and figurative representation of the corona virus, as well as two electronic components taken from internal parts of computers also representing viruses.

At the bottom of the painting there is a PC monitor with images of the Spanish flu in 1918, the current pandemic and the image of a doctor from the Middle Ages.

Beside the monitor, also there are two representations of Yersínia Pestis (bacteria that cause bubonic plague) and the Spanish flu virus.

Also beside the monitor are two computer boards (sawn and ground) containing the time of the bubonic plague and the Spanish flu. Two electrical cables come out of the plates towards the images of the bacteria and the virus .


Walter Miranda
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