Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Virotic space time



Technique: Oil + computer boards on wood


Dimensions: 123.5 cm X 76.5 cm


Year: 2020




Work composed in its background by old electronic boards that had an urban sunset painted on them. Although painted in gradient, the streaks of the atmosphere that darken when approaching space were painted in keeping with the geometric shape of the plates.


In the foreground, current electronic plates were cut out in a circular shape and on their edges were applied electronic components that represent the spikes of the new Coronavirus. The shape of these plates themselves is the Coronavirus taking over the planet, because inside them, the continents were painted in a positive and negative way. This is the representation of the space in which we live.


Still inside the plates and following the circular shape, numbers were applied that refer to the hours of the day and hint at the time we live in, but without determinism because there are no hands on this imaginary clock. This is the representation of the time in which we live.


In short, the correlation between space and time occurs due to the imaginary suggestions of the viral form and the temporal notion induced by numbers. The landscape painted in the background inserts us in the context of the world in which we live, because regardless of culture, everyone recognizes a sunset.


Walter Miranda
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