Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Black Lives Matter !


 Technique: Oil + objects * on wood

 Dimensions: 40 cm X 90 cm

 * Objects used: Chains, padlock, mini electronic buttons, key chains, electronic leds etc.


 Black Lives Matter !


Some are uncomfortable with this phrase and ask: Why say this if all lives matter?


Because, like yours and mine, black lives also matter.


Because darker-skinned human beings have always had to fight for the same rights of human beings with the lighter skin.


Only that would be enough to say that black lives matter.


If not, why do we fight to gain freedom when living under dictatorships?


If not, why do we fight for fair social rights? If not, why do women fight for equal rights?


If not, why does the LGBT community fight for equal rights? If not, why do we fight against the injustices imposed on us?


Here are some sad examples of why Black Lives Matter:


* Ágatha Felix, 8 years old. Killed with gunshots in the back by the police of Rio when returning home with her mother in Complexo do Alemão. * Amarildo Dias de Souza, 43 years old. He was taken by the police to clarify, he was tortured, killed and his body disappeared. * Ana Carolina de Souza Neves, 8 years old. Killed by a stray bullet in the head at her home in Belford Roxo. * Bianca Regina de Oliveira, 22 years old. Shot in the head while sleeping at home during a military action in Cidade de Deus. * Cláudia Silva Ferreira, 38 years old. Was dragged for 350 meters by a police car. * David Nascimento dos Santos, 23 years old. Found shot after being placed in a police vehicle while waiting for the delivery of snacks in the Areião favela in São Paulo. * Douglas Martins Rodrigues, 17 years old. He was shot to death. The officer claimed it was accidental. Last phrase of the boy: Why did you shoot me? * Eduardo de Jesus Ferreira, 10 years old. Killed by police officers while playing in front of his home. * Evaldo Rosa dos Santos, 51 years old. Killed by the Brazilian army, who fired more than 80 rifle shots in his car when he returned home with his family. * George Floyd, 46 years old. Killed by a white policeman after nine minutes of suffocation with the policeman's knee over his neck. * Guilherme Silva Guedes, 15 years old. Confused as a thief, he was kidnapped by two policemen in an alleyway near his home. He was tortured and killed with two shots to the head. The body was only recognized by the parents due to a tattoo on the chest with their names. * João Pedro, 14 years old. Killed by a rifle bullet in the back by the federal police inside his home at Complexo do Salgueiro. One of the delegates investigating the boy's death participated in the operation in which he was killed. * Kauê dos Santos, 12 years old. Shot in the head when he returned home, during a military operation in the Complexo do Chapadão. * Luana Barbosa, 34 years old. Beaten to death by four military policemen on the corner of his home in Ribeirão Preto and in front of his 14-year-old son. * Luciano Macedo, 27 years old. Garbage collector, when trying to help Evaldo, was killed with three shots in the back by the same soldiers of the Brazilian army. * Marcos Vinícios, 14 years old. Killed in Complexo da Maré by the police of Rio when he went to school wearing a school uniform. * Marielle Franco, 38 years old. Councilwoman dead with four shots to the head inside her car. * Miguel Otávio Santana da Silva, 5 years old. Abandoned in the elevator by his mother's employer, he fell from the ninth floor. Pedro Gonzaga, 19 years old. Asphyxiated to death in a supermarket. * Rodrigo Cerqueira, 19 years old. Shot while distributing basic baskets. * Carlos Eduardo Silva de Souza, 16 years old; * Cleiton Corrêa de Souza, 18 years old; * Roberto de Souza Penha, 16 years old; * Wesley Castro Rodrigues, 20 years old and * Wilton Esteves Domingos Junior, 20 years old; killed when they were driving back from Parque Madureira and military police fired 111 shots at their car.




Walter Miranda - July / 2020





Walter Miranda
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