Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

The Earth is Spherical: When the Earth Was Flat - 2



Technique: Oil on canvas on plastic support. Diameter: 22 cm              Depth: 2 cm


Painting that is part of the series “The earth is spherical”. In recent years the old theory that the Earth was flat has re-emerged with great force in world culture. This kind of theoretical thinking is based on medieval and archaic concepts that bring with them many other retrograde concepts concerning health, science, religion, etc. The series has the critical intention of questioning these new cultural values, with the first two works presenting a variation on the same theme and the third work representing the correct format of the planet.


The series "The Earth is Spherical" is made up of three works that were part of the Installation Covidianis Plana Terrae, with two works representing, on the front and back, two faces of the planet, as if it were flat, and opposed to a third work composited by a sphere painted with the continents in their real position.


Walter Miranda
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