Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Walterian Sunset - 06




Technique: Oil + electronic circuit boards on canvas on wood


Dimensions: 55,5 x 38,5 cm




Since the beginning of the 1980s I have used computer boards and various electronic devices in my work. Sometimes sawing and grinding them to obtain figurative shapes and other times exploring their geometric shape. As in the ”Skyline” series, started in 2017, in this series I used several computer boards, cell phones, electronic games, etc. against a geometrically painted background that refers to the sunset. The plates represent the buildings of the cities and the geometry of the sky is based on the geometric divisions that I use in my paintings and that is why I decided to name the series Walterian Sunset. In addition, the geometric division of the sky also refers to the chromatic pixels of electronic images when enlarged to the maximum.


Walter Miranda
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