Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist




Technique: Oil on canvas

Diameter: 20 cm (with frame: 22,5 cm)

Year: 2021

Work that belongs to the series of three paintings called “Timelessness”.   The series  was produced during the covid-19 pandemic and is composited by three works. The title of the series refers to the awareness that time was paralyzed during isolation. The spread of the pandemic across all continents has made most people aware of the finitude of the planet. In all regions, atmospheric and noise pollution has been drastically reduced. Silence reigned over the big cities. The impossibility of locomotion caused in many people the feeling of a frozen time in which nothing different happened and, to escape the monotony, many tried to occupy this static time with physical activities or through the internet, etc. Suddenly, the planet became omnipresent in people's minds in a timeless way, integral. This sensation inspired me to create these three works that show all continents simultaneously in a single image.

Walter Miranda
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