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From Plato's Cave to the Dichotomy of a Deadlock

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Three works that represent human evolution on the planet. They were created based on the excerpt from the text The Republic written by the Greek philosopher Plato (c428-c348aC). In it, Plato describes the situation of some men trapped in a cave with their backs to the opening and unable to look back or to the sides. In this way, their only conception of the world is represented by the sounds they hear and the shadows projected on the wall of the cave by people who pass outside of the cave.


Work 1 - Representation of the human path from Prehistory to Antiquity. In the upper part, important moments are represented, such as the observation of the sky and the stars, the dominion of fire, the creation of ideograms, the alphabet, the discovery of mathematics, etc. At the bottom, inside a parable (mathematical curve) is one of the men who managed to break free and understand that the world is made up of different realities.


Work 2 - Representation of the same route from the Renaissance to the 20th century. At the top are several simple mathematical formulas up to variations of the famous Einstein formula, in addition to images of the planet and a printed circuit board that represents the technological domain. At the bottom are several objects generated by technology and inside the parable is a ballerina that represents the initial balance obtained with the domain of the physical sciences.


Work 3 - Representation of the current moment in which humanity finds itself. At the top is a representative image of the fission of the atom and another variant of the formula for the relationship between energy and matter. Next to it is an atomic mushroom associated with the technological domain of energy. At the bottom, the man is crestfallen and threatened by a bullet inside the mathematical parable, formed by several bullets.


Title: Plato's Cave to the Dichotomy of a Snag I, II and III.

Technique: Acrylic lacquer + objects on perforated iron plate

Dimensions: 61.8 X 100cm

Year: 1991/2001

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