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To Be And Not To Have, To Have And Not To Be, That Is Ethiopia!

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                  In 1985, Ethiopia went through a very serious social crisis with thousands of inhabitants dying of hunger. Touched by this tragedy, I painted three paintings expressing my indignation and, inspired by Shakespeare, I used as the title for the series the phrase To be and not to have, to have and not to be, that is Ethiopia!


                  It seems to me that today, Ethiopia has overcome the crisis of 85 and is undergoing social and human development. Although there are still social problems, the country regained the dignity that all people deserve to have.


                  However, in other regions of the planet, there are still peoples and populations that live the drama of not having the essentials for survival while others waste, without the slightest concern for their fellowmen, just because they are thousands of kilometers away.


PAINTING 1 - The human essence (represented by the child) should be worth more than the territorial conventions that divide our species. This is exactly what I tried to convey in this painting, where the star represents the transcendental and the Earth the material, having as a philosophical basis the hypocritical conceptualism of flagged backyards. In this type of world system, the human being is on a scale supported by a world enveloped by technology used immeasurably.


PAINTING 2 - TThe world's political, economic and religious systems, represented by the painted flags, have the greatest share of responsibility for the inequality of the human condition, since they have sufficient power of influence to change this situation. Therefore, human life is found within a grid whose base is supported by some flags resting on electronic boards representing technological tools within which are found examples of injustice and violence against refugees, victims of the oppression and repugnance of the wealthiest.


PAINTING 3 - The child represents, in this case, all the exploited peoples who sustain, with their blood and sacrifice, the developed and rich countries. The greedy and vain attempt to try to suck a litt



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