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The World Cup is Not Ours!

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The World Cup is not Ours!

These works present decisive moments of the campaign of the Brazilian team in the Soccer World Cup of 1982.


The first work - Russia 1 x 0 - Journey Begin: shows players in positions that remember the beginning of a game, where the Brazilian team's participation was still a mystery.


The second work - Argentine 2 x 0 - Taste of Tetra: shows the moment of commemoration of the second goal of Brazil against Argentina, traditional opponent from Brazil, creating the illusion of the possibility of the conquest of the tetra championship.


The third work - Italy 2 x 3 - Bitter Return: shows the moment in which Italy scores the third goal against Brazil finishing the Brazilian participation in the cup and killing definitively the dream of tetra championship in that tournament. In the three pictures, the plates which should contain advertisement present words that are representative of the social and economical moment of Brazil, among them: hunger, inflation, poverty, violence, injustice, luxury, waste, unemployment, etc. Technique: oil + collage + sawdust on cardboard made by the artist.


Technique: Oil + collage + sawdust + string on self-made cardboard.


Dimensions: 80 X 60 cm

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