Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Beethoven Reabre o Salão de Exposições

Newspaper Diário do Grande ABC                  Friday, February 08, 1985


The exhibition hall of the Civic Center of Santo André resumes its activities from today, when the exhibition of Maria Bertoldi, Roberto Giannecchini and Walter Miranda, belonging to the Beethoven project, will open, where each artist gives their pictorial version for the music of the famous German composer.




Projeto Beethoven Nona Sinfonia Maria Bertoldi - Roberto Giannecchini - Walter Miranda


The project is one of the most interesting: each artist listened to Beethoven's symphonies, doing work concerning each symphony, and in the last three works it was possible to use total freedom of creation, based on the experience acquired in previous works. . Before the execution of the works, the artists made a joint study on Beethoven's life and music.

“My work on symphonies was based on suggestions provided by the musical material, selected by the sensitive and filtered by the rational. The result, perhaps questionable, is there. However, it is worth highlighting as the most important the creative process, which brought to the surface mental and sensitive mechanisms that I ignored. Continued and disciplined work on a topic can have consequences other than expected. For example, there is an intimate suspicion: whether music was a determinant of a result or a liberation to liberate other things, or nonetheless, a catalyst - observes Roberto Giannecchini, one of the artists participating in the exhibition.


Enock Sacramento, visual arts critic at Diário do Grande ABC, presented the artists in the exhibition catalog. It is worth reproducing: Walter Miranda designed his own rich and complex personality on cardboard. And he did it, both rationally and passionately. A personality attentive to the significant advances in knowledge, and to the folly practiced by segments of society in the name of doubtful ideals, deeply concerned with social problems and the destiny of man on earth. Throughout his work, he feels that a message of hope remains.





About Maria Bertoldi: The artist let herself be impregnated by the romantic component that coexists with the tragic feeling in the set of Beethoven's symphonies. Shaped the life that is breathed in these symphonic poems through representations of urban landscape that can be seen from the windows of his studio-house, in the neighborhood of Água Fria, in São Paulo. She worked more on the poetic line of the Seventh Symphony than on the tragic aspect of the Destination Symphony, the Fifth.



Quinta Sinfonia Maria Bertoldi


About Roberto Giannecchini: Gia built a beautiful work using matte aluminum profiles and computer scraps in his object sculptures, incorporating elements provided by modern technology such as fluorescent lamps, rigid optical fibers, polyurethane wires, small motors and timers. Some parts are fixed, others move. The Sixth Symphony - The Pastoral - was exemplarily synthesized in the figure of an aluminum bird that flies smoothly, powered by an 18 Watt engine provided with a mechanical resonance system, driven by a timer.



Sexta Sinfonia Roberto Giannecchini


For Enock Sacramento, the set of works presented by the three artists bear the mark of their Beethovenian origin: the spirit of faith in art and in the life it reflects.

The exhibition remains in the Exhibition Hall of the Santo André Civic Center until March 3, with visits from Tuesday to Friday, from 2 pm to 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday from 14 to 22 hours.

Walter Miranda
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