Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Nine Symphonies in three visual keys

Nove Sinfonias em Três Claves Visuais
Newspaper Diário Grande ABC - Visuals - by Enock Sacramento - 14/Feb/85



Beethoven, the greatest symphonic composer of all time and one of the most portentous figures in the history of art, bequeathed to humanity nine symphonies of extraordinary greatness. His work strongly influenced composers of his time and the ones that followed, and the fascination of his work goes far beyond the domain of music, to manifest itself in various fields of artistic creation.      




Projeto Beethoven Setima Sinfonia Maria Bertoldi - Roberto Giannecchini - Walter Miranda


In 1983, the painter Walter Miranda invited some artists to create works referenced or inspired by the nine symphonies of the master of Bonn. Almost two years later, himself, Maria Bertoldi and Roberto Giannecchini (Gia) show the result of this experience that excited them in the Exhibition Hall of the Centro Civico de Santo André. During the development of the series, they agreed that, in addition to the nine works, each one would produce three more, continuing the creative process.       


Personalities of different backgrounds, information and temperaments, each created within his key and the results are more than satisfactory: They pose fundamental problems of artistic creation and approach the metalanguage of criticism, insofar as they create works referenced in another work of art. His creative postures are sometimes similar to certain behaviors of Beethoven himself, whose profoundly intellectual position has transformed some of his works, or part of them, into a spiritualized view of life rather than a direct projection of its flow.       


Walter Miranda designed in the works that realized his own personality. And he did it both rationally and passionately. A personality attentive to the significant progress of the human spirit and the folly practiced by segments of humanity, concerned with social problems and the destiny of man. Overall, a message of hope remains.         


Maria Bertoldi let herself be impregnated by the romantic component that coexists with the tragic feeling in the whole of Beethoven's symphonies. Plasmou the life that is breathed in these symphonic poems through representations of the urban landscape that she sees from her window, in the bairron of Água Fria, in São Paulo. He worked more on the poetic and romantic line of the Seventh Symphony, than on the tragic line of the symphony of destiny, the Fifth.                 


Gia built a beautiful work, using in its sculptures / objects profiles of matt aluminum and computer scraps, incorporating elements provided by modern technology, such as fluorescent lamps, rigid optical fibers, polyurethane wires, timers. Some parts are fixed, others move driven by motors. The Sixth Symphony, the Pastoral, was exemplarily synthesized in the figure of an aluminum bird, which flies smoothly, powered by an 18 Watts provided by a mechanical resonance system driven by a timer.        

The set of works presented by these three artists bears the mark of their origin: the spirit of faith in art and in the life it reflects.

The exhibition runs until March 3 at the Exhibition Hall of the Centro Civico de Santo André, and can be visited from Tuesdays to Fridays, from 2 pm to 8 pm; Saturdays and Sundays, from 2 pm to 10 pm.


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