Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Chile 33



Title: Chile 33


Technique: Oil + sand + objects * on canvas on wood


Dimensions: 136 cm X 45.8 cm


Year: 2020


* Used objects used: Computer boards sawed and ground, clock, plastic helmet, flashlight, analog counter, car antennas, acrylic domes, etc.




On August 5, 2010, an accident at the Chilean copper and gold mine San José buried 33 miners. After 18 days of searching, they were found alive at 688 meters deep.


The rescue work lasted another 52 days and had international support being disseminated daily by the international press, a fact that generated a commotion and worldwide interest. It took three drilling machines working simultaneously and only one of them reached the exact location where the miners were. During the drilling process, the miners received correspondence, medicine, food and various types of support provided by the narrow hole used to find them. Rescue teams received technical support from foreign engineers and material aid from some countries by sending parts and equipment and a metallic capsule called Fênix II was developed by NASA for the individual removal of miners.


This whole operation, with a happy ending, moved the whole world and motivated me to paint this work representing this contemporary epic. The upper part of the work presents an aerial view of the region where the mine is located. The other parts of the painting are composed of elements representing various details and important moments of this impressive feat.


Walter Miranda
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