Walter Miranda
Plastic Artist

Coffin Factory



Technique: Oil + objects* on wood


Upper part dimensions: 29.5 cm X 84 cm X 37 cm


Lower part dimensions: 35 cm X 89 cm X 104


Year: 2020


* Objects used: Meat grinder, LEDs, transistors, chips and electronic markers, handmade paper balls made by the artist, equipment for enteral nutrition and mini wooden coffins.




As predicted by some experts, a pandemic has been plaguing the world during the year 2020. This two-part work reflects the controversy generated by the opinion of some government leaders in some countries when demonstrating total disregard for life due to economic reasons. At the top of the work is a meat grinder painted in oil with semi-spheres attached to its walls that represent the invasion of the Coronavirus. At the top, the planet Earth appears to be ground and strips of meat come out of it that will form several coffins represented by electronic chips. At its base, the grinder is surrounded by several electronic mini buttons that represent crowds being taken to the coffins. At the end are painted all the terrestrial continents surrounded by electronic counters that represent the ICU beds.


At the bottom of the work are small wooden coffins surrounded by different enteral feeding sets that represent hospital ICUs spread all over the world. Floating on the coffins are spheres of paper handmade by me and inlaid with electronic components that represent the spikes of the Coronavirus.


An empty space next to the wooden coffins raises the question of whether we will be next.


Walter Miranda
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